Avocados in Vietnam: A “Hidden” Gem

Avocados in Vietnam: A “Hidden” Gem

In recent years, Avocados have become a “superfood” thanks to its versatility. The fruit can consume at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Furthermore, apart from high nutritional value, Avocados are also widely used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Getting to know about Avocado characteristics

Avocados are the subtropical fruits, originated in Mexico and Central America. Compare to other crops, it is easy to cultivate. Additionally, avocados have high adaptation with some harsh conditions including drought, flood, and arid soil.

Moreover, avocados are also relatively safe fruits. Due to its thick shell, these fruits can limit the damage of the insert and other creatures. Hence, pesticide rarely uses for avocados planting, ensuring health security significantly.

Avocados benefits to human beings
  • Prevent cardiovascular diseases

Avocados stand out on Potassium levels, which is the main factor to protect the body from cardiovascular diseases. More specifically, Avocados are a source of glutathione – an antioxidant to act on carcinogenic compounds.

Besides, there are substantial amounts of bioactive compounds: phytosterols, B-sitosterol. These compounds are required to reduce bad cholesterol LDL effectively.

  • Boost body immunity

As mentioned above, B-sitosterol creates a remarkable effect on body immunity. Thus, it contributes to the treatment of some challenging diseases such as cancers and HIV by strengthening the immune system.

  • Support the dietary

The B-sitosterol can decrease compulsive eating binge and fat accumulation in the human abdominal.

  • Stop the progress of some diseases related to oxidative stress

Apart from the flesh, Avocado leaves can use as a pharmaceutical ingredient for therapeutic purposes. Avocado leaves consist of isorhamnetin, luteolin, rutin, quercetin, and apigenin. All of which are known for breaking the progress of various illnesses related to oxidative stress.

Avocado cultivation in Vietnam

Let’s have a look back to the past

Avocados in Vietnam are now grown widely across Vietnam.

The Central Highland area in Vietnam such as Dak Nong, Dak Lak, Lam Dong provinces has all favorable conditions including terrain, climate, and soil conditions to develop large-scale production of avocados. Nevertheless, Vietnam is still not ranked as one of the world’s leading exporter of Avocados.

In reality, Vietnamese have not considered avocado as a staple crop. So advanced technology has not been studied and applied widely. The fruits harvested neither illustrate their best potential or meet standard criteria to export to foreign markets.


In recent years, Avocados have become one of the world’s trendiest fruits. Thanks to it, the market price of Avocados is rising consistently. Consequently, Vietnam’s Western Highland Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute encourages local farmers to specialize in the growing of avocados, follow Global Gap and VietGap criterion towards export.

Many projects to restructure the area’s agriculture are implementing with advanced farming technology applied will improve both the productivity and quality of the output.

Undergoing projects to build a sustainable development of Avocado trees in Vietnam

New Zealand G2G Partnerships Office’s project

Dak Nong is the most promising province to grow many varieties of avocados, but they are only great for domestic consumption. The cooperation between New Zealand G2G Partnerships Office, Plant and Food Research, and SAM Agritech aim to create a solid base for the long-term development of Avocado farming, including Hass avocado because the red basalt soil in Central Highland of Vietnam is optimal for developing Avocado trees.

Hass avocados account for 80% of global consumption. If Dak Nong can ensure the quality of this variety, Vietnamese Avocados can get one step closer to the tables of avocado-lovers worldwide.

Israel’s technological support project of developing avocado varieties in Thanh Hoa province

Several Vietnamese Agricultural Company in Ha Noi are working closely with Oren Nursery Company from Israel to produce high-quality avocado trees for export. The project carries on in 110 hectares in Kien Tho commune, Ngoc Lac district, Thanh Hoa province.

Specifically, the enterprises will import avocado seeds from Israel to grow in Thanh Hoa province with the technological support of Israel. Moreover, a series of manufacturing steps will happen under close supervision to guarantee the production process.

Especially, after raising the productivity and quality of our product, we also need to build a strong brand for avocados in Vietnam. In particular, it will make a great contribution to intensify customer’s awareness and promote our products optimally. Thereby we can create sustainable brand values easily for customers to experience and have every confidence in.

Source: eco-fruits.com

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